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Perfect for corporate team building, Zoom® Virtual Horse Racing supports up to 100 online players - where competitors conquer six tracks and varying race conditions to grab glory for their teams. Online gamers strategize and mingle in groups of three to five players per group, with all participants sharing a real-time prize payout chart. Experiencing up to six races; each actual contest is 4-minutes long; with a total playing time up to 60-minutes.  Custom in-game branding and individual horse names available (additional charges apply).



Champagne Creative Group


Tel + 702.430.9122 PST



The Zoom® Virtual Horse Racing event starts with a 2-minute instructional video that sets the stage and explains how to play. The gameplay is very elementary, and every player has a choice of only three (3) actions. However, deciding how and when to take your actions affects the outcome of the horse race

and means no two games are ever the same.

A live host organizes a shared ZOOM® breakout room(s) to watch each consecutive visual race and cheer together. When the race is over, the winning groups are announced, and it’s back to your team’s strategy rooms to adjust your winning game plan for the next race.

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