Featuring optional digital backdrops, multiple camera views, corporate logo inclusion and two-turntable funky beats, the “Zoom® Virtual DJ + MC” has it all. Online guests enjoy engagement via Social Media Walls, Movie/Celebrity Trivia games, Name-That-Tune, and other live interactive elements. Available with live custom video inserts, custom graphics, and tailor-made playlists; additional charges may apply. Inquire about live dress-rehearsal rates. Perfect for session starts and coffee break interactivity for classroom (up to 100 attendees), Seminar (up to 500 attendees), Conference (1,000 attendees) or Conventions (5,000 attendees).


Robert Bannister

Champagne Creative Group



Tel + 702.430.9122 PST



Zoom® Virtual DJ + MC content supports virtual events where participants join remotely. Interactive elements and games are accessed by attendees by the sending out a specific URL to your participants via email, Twitter, Slack, etc. or they can

participate entirely through their mobile device. Stream our fun content using any of the major streaming services (e.g. YouTube Live, Twitch, Zoom, etc.) by broadcast the entire window or layering it into your production.

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