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Engage guests, generate buzz and spark attendee networking Zoom® Virtual Social Wall. This embedded online technology allows a live, curated feed of posts from social media sites Instagram & Twitter - all displayed on your live stream, microsite or layered on your broadcast. Posts using your specific hashtags or handles are funneled to the display, which rotates in new content automatically. With up to 1,000+ participants, this technology is the perfect interaction during a program break and helps create community with user-generated content. Shared photos, comments and even video content can be showcased in almost real-time.



Champagne Creative Group


Tel + 702.430.9122 PST

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By streaming the Zoom® Virtual Social Wall’s entire window or layering it on to your broadcast, you will dramatically increase engagement. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to harness the power of social media: 1) Select Hashtags and Handles to display and promote on your broadcast.

2) Select your background color and style. 3) Moderate and curate your incoming feed for unwanted/inappropriate content or simply enable the auto-profanity filter. IMPORTANT: You choose when to start, stop, pause and reset your social media collection - you have full crowd control.

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