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Create nationwide social interaction, continental team building and international individual recognition with “Virtual Photo Mosaic”. This online system allows associations, companies, and professional outfits to connect with their groups with

a personal memo, biography, as well as question & answer fields. Each person sends their unique photo and memo to

the group. Their photo is added to the large, custom image, along with their commentary. In addition, each sender gets

to see where they fit into the rendering, via a personal animation in their email in-box (additional charges apply) –

all sharable via social media.



Champagne Creative Group


Tel + 702.430.9122 PST



Virtual Photo Mosaic relies on proprietary computer algorithm that changes and colorizes uploaded photos to build a large patchwork; creating a visual masterpiece. All you need to make this effect work is a lot of photos, a project start & end time and a strong master image concept. This concept can be an idea,

a corporate message or even a company logo. Once Virtual Photo Mosaic has gathered all the separate images, you decide how long guests can participate in the montage; ranging from a couple of weeks to months-long endeavors.

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