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Enjoy the look & feel of live music with the “Virtual Musician System”. This unique visual entertainment digitally accesses talented musicians who have been recorded individually and played back on 4K high resolution screens – perfect for

hybrid events. A unique audio-visual entertainment program, the proprietary software can play 4K content, including music (Pop, Jazz, Blues, Latin, etc), 4K ambient videos (Las Vegas, Grand Canyon), as well as various 4K mood films

(sunsets, ocean waves). Currently in use by leading hotels and cruise liners all over the world, the digital platform is compatible with all screens, digital projectors, and LED walls in all sizes to suit your location needs.



Champagne Creative Group


Tel + 702.430.9122 PST



With 8.3 million pixels per video frame, the digital platform gives a life-like experience with incredible detail and sharpness. Supported by our onsite technicians, the Virtual Musician System install is painless, and the system’s plug-and-play quickly grants you access to 4K recorded artists,

4K ambient and 4K mood films. The software’s intuitive user

interface comparable to iTunes and is based on the standard hardware components of the Apple Mac Pro Tower computer (28-core Intel Xeon W processor; 66.5 MB cache). With an extensive digital content library at your fingertips, it’s simple to create life in a room.

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