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Interactive Ideas for Street Festivals

Street festivals are all the rage nationwide. From locally established events like First Friday to household names like Bonnaroo, people of all ages hit the streets to enjoy food trucks delicacies, unusual arts and crafts, good tunes, and comradery. Be on the look out for these Interactive elements at the next festival you attend!

The Frenemies – the Truth Hurts

The Frenemies offer another take on the traditional Caricature Artist. Instead of giving guests a take home of an over-dramatized portrait, the Frenemies give each guest a mean but funny note. The faceless artists type out personalized memos that playfully describes the guest’s appearance in a snarky, sassy and fun way. Sometimes the truth hurts!

Balloon Paint Wall

Inspired by The Princess Diaries, the Balloon Paint Wall allows guests to get out their frustration in a creative way by throwing darts at paint filled balloons. The end result is a paint splattered masterpiece created by the hands of your guests taking part in it. This piece of entertainment combines elements of a traditional carnival game with the desires of our inner child to make a mess with paint!

Typewriter Poet

In the age of hipsters, why not take advantage of these mustached, creative individuals? The typewriter poet allows guests to have a take home with a unique poem written for them. These one-of-a-kind keepsake poems are written on a vintage typewriter adding a touch of charm.

Electronic Ink Tats

Temporary Tattoos are a fun and easy way to get your brand seen, but tattooing your logo and interesting graphics promoting your company. Of course, the traditional way of applying temporary tattoos is time consuming and messy, often discouraging guests rather than encouraging them.

Introducing Electronic Ink Tats – a fast and efficient way of applying temporary tattoos. The printer applies custom designs in 3 seconds! You can create any designs, and even create them on the spot at your event. Children and young adults will have sleeves full of temporary tattoos with our Electronic Printer onsite at your event.

Giant Coloring Book

Picture a life size version of Paint by Number. The Giant Coloring Book is a fun way to

get everyone involved. The graphic is entirely customizable to fit your theme and brand. Our Artist Attendant encourages guests to have a try at the Coloring Book. At the end of the event, you can keep the finished masterpiece to put on display.

The event industry is evolving, and guests don’t just want pretty opps anymore – they like to feel like they are a part of something, which is why these Interactive elements are the perfect addition to not only street festivals, but any corporate event. Ask us more about our Interactive products!


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