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Big Game Entertainment Ideas

The NFL Big Game is coming up in just a few short weeks. Everyone is looking for a fun place to watch the game with good food and drinks, big TVs and a fun environment. Make yours the go-to party by adding in our unique living decor and talent.

Living Carpet

Lead your guests directly into your party feeling like a celebrity by walking the Living Carpet that goes up to 100 feet! The carpet comes in costume colors, such as green to match a football field, can have added elements like the yard lines or logos of the two teams playing. Guests can be greeted by one of our fabulous talent at the end of the carpet making them feel welcome and excited to get the football party started.

Diva Dress

The one thing people want almost more than a good TV for a Big Game party is beer. It heels the pain when your team is losing or it's a great way to celebrate when your team is winning. Serve them up a cold brewski in our Diva Dress making it a great photo opp and a fun way for guests to get their drinks. The costume for the model is also customizable to match the colors of your team or dress the models up as cheerleaders or refs.

Ambiance Greeters

Ambiance Greeters are the most versatile of our talent. From cheerleaders and refs to football gear matching the two teams playing, our greeters male or female can fit perfectly into your party. Not only will these greeters be great for photo opps with guests, but they can help you get the party started by acting as directionals or handing out giveaways.

Have something else in mind for your Football party? Our Entertainment specialists can work with you to create the unique and fun experience you're hoping to create. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you create an unforgettable event.


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