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The best of 2018 & What's to come in 2019

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

As we head into a New Year, let’s take a look back at these past 12 months to see what dominated the event industry from our most popular products to the trendy themes. Event planners are moving away from your typical costumed greeters and instead opting for a more interactive and eye-catching experience for the guests.

Interactive Step & Repeat

Our newest product first shown during Bizbash in Los Angeles, the Interactive Step & Repeat has become a staple at corporate events, parties and tradeshows. It’s versatile to match your company’s colors and adorn in your logo while allowing you to give away anything from drinks to swag - the perfect photo opp and experiential piece. The best part? It fits in with most themes.

Champagne Diva Dress

An oldie, but goodie - the Champagne Diva Dress is a client favorite for parties. It’s more elegant than a server holding a tray of glasses and makes for the perfect boomerang to add to your Insta Story. Plus, it can be costumed to match any theme from a fancy 1920s soiree to a trendy Steampunk party.


Futuristic/LED was one of our leading themes in 2018, because people love to see things light up. The two most photographed products within the theme were the Tempest Wings and Robots - corporate friendly, unique and engaging.


Nostalgia is in, and the 80s were a fun time, so companies are looking to recreate that fun with a series of characters from favorite TV Shows, Movies and Video Games. Our Pac Man and Mrs. Pac Man were especially loved.

We looked into our crystal ball, and here is what we predict will start making an appearance in the event industry in the upcoming year.


As mentioned before, nostalgia is trendy, but with the millennial crowd growing older we predict that “90s babies” will want to recreate the fun with jean jackets, scrunchies and boy bands.

360 experience

Rather like just having themed entertainment in a ballroom, we predict that clients will desire a more immersive experience where the environment matches the theme of the event. For example, instead of just having a few topiary greeters in a ballroom for a Garden theme, the event would be held outside surrounded in hedges where every aspect of the room and event as a whole encompasses the Garden theme.

Do you agree with our 2019 predictions, or do you think something else will take over? Popular or not, our Entertainment specialists can help you create the ultimate event with our gorgeous and unique live event entertainment. Give us a call to work with a Specialist to create your unique corporate event or party.


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