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Nicole Spina
Events Manager

Nicole Spina CCG Headshot.jpg

"A woman who has confidence in herself gains the confidence of others."

Autumn Grayce Johnson contributes to the team with her ability to strive for emotionally intellgient results. She can get anything done and her friendly demeanor makes her easy to get along with anyone. She started her career as a child performer at Disney World in Orlando. She went on the earn a Bachelor of Music from Belmont University in Nashville. She then travelled across the United States performing in regional theater and around the world as a Vocal Captain/Singer/Dancer on Royal Caribbean International Cruise Ships. She has been seen in numerous shows and bands along the Las Vegas Strip. Autumn was most recently a background singer for legendary crooner Engelbert Humperdinck on his international tour before joining the Champagne Creative Group team. She is happy to have a home here working on the “other side of the curtain”. Autumn was honored with the "Champagne Heart" award because of her wise soul and heart filled with music.

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Tel: +1 702.430.9122


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