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We hope you enjoyed your experience with our

Augmented Reality Wall,

LED Rings of Light, and LED Greeters

at Biz Bash LA!

Augmented Reality Wall

Dance the night away with the “Augmented Reality Wall” – where your dance moves get picked up by the unit’s electronic
sensor and dazzling graphics are displayed in real-time. Add the WOW factor by adding a LED video wall to make the presentation life size! Requires a dedicated 20A electrical outlet, as well as 20ft wide x 6ft deep x 8ft tall space.

For More Information Call: 702.430.9122

LED Rings of Light

Standing at 8ft tall, the “Rings of Light” are a glowing, interactive element that are sure to provide a WOW factor at your event. With various color patterns available and a wide variety of LED characters to select from to enhance the experience, these colorful swings make for excellent Instagram worthy photo opportunities!  These swings can hold up to 300 pounds and are suspended from an 8ft stand, and can also be suspended to an existing truss structure.

For More Information Call: 702.430.9122